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  1. This final video of the 30, explores an idea or an approach...which asks you to make a decision as to how you might start to help a young person engage with some sensitive aspect of themself or their life. The video explores the idea of going directly and straightforwardly to that delicate area...or alternatively, start by exploring a person's external world; that is, what is happening in their life around them; and secondly by exploring their internal world, their thoughts and feelings at this moment in life. This video also includes footage of a conversation with Anna, a wonderful young woman who shows the value, for her, of a straightforward direct approach.
  2. 'Four questions' is by far the longest video I have posted, but it seemed to need it, so I hope it works for you. It's an activity about deeper engagement. Who you ask the questions of, when and how all matter. With four important questions in mind, the video and the activity explore the importance and power of 'containing' a conversation in ways that can intensify and concentrate a conversation. All a bit serious, and all quite important.
  3. Imagine that you are going away? Grab a bag, pack it...with what? And what if you are going away for a long time? What about if you might never come back? Do you have 'unfinished business?'
  4. Imagine if I asked your good friend about you? What would they say? If I asked them if you were fun...what would they say? Loyal? Reliable? A good listener? Our friends know stuff! Which is where this activity comes in.
  5. 'Frames' shows footage of a real - life conversation with Dylan; and demonstrates how a Frame, which contains and focusses a conversation, can, if used creatively and carefully, result in a pretty interesting and worthwhile interaction. This video is 6.30 minutes long so find a time when you can fully appreciate how terrific Dylan is, grab a cuppa, and put your feet up.
  6. Imagine overhearing a conversation about...er...you! What would you hope to hear? And if it was someone you had just met, what sort of impression would you hope you made? And if you were overhearing someone who knows you and likes you, talk about you...what would you hope to hear?
  7. This activity asks a young person, playfully at first, what they need right now? And moves naturally into a more serious conversation about what they might need as a person, to revive, recuperate, 're-charge'...
  8. An activity of imagination. As playful or as serious as you would like it to be. 'Snippets' are snatches of conversation overheard while jogging. 'How would you finish this sentence?' 'What do you think is on the mind of the person speaking?' 'If it was you, what would you be thinking?'
  9. A really good activity for families or where a third person is present. Asking each person to describe themselves and each other...and then do some comparing...can be very powerful.
  10. A groupwork activity and a variation on an old activity...but in this case people get to know each other via making three statements about themselves: One is true, one is a BIG FAT LIE, and one they would LIKE to be true. A beaut activity, and this video shows footage of the activity in action.